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About Swagger Dog Training

Meet the Trainer

My name is Jon Bourque.  I've owned dogs since 1996, and have been working with dogs professionally since 2008.  


I hold a degree in Animal Care and Science, and am an American Schutzhund & USCA Certified Helper for protection sports.  I have a thorough understanding of all training methods, including positive reinforcement and old school correction-based training.


My approach is a balanced style that varies slightly for each dog.  It imparts focus and makes training enjoyable and fun by turning the owner into the reward, and I use appropriate levels of correction only if needed.

My specialties are: 
Advanced Off-Leash Training
Raising and Training Puppies
Working with First-Time Dog Owners

Meet Pants (Retired)

Pants is my demo dog, business partner, and the face of Swagger Dog Training.  Born 1-18-2013, he is 50% Beauceron and 50% Doberman.  Enjoy these photos of him, and check out his fan page!

My Other Dogs
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