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"Jon Bourque is the best trainer we have worked with. He is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, welcoming, and warm. My wife and I have learned a great deal about dog-behavior from Jon, and our dog (Sasha) is the happiest that she's ever been. Even though Jon looks very young, do not be misled.... he is one of the best dog trainers and behaviorists we've ever met, by far. Just take a look at the level of skill that his own dogs are at. Dog owners will be lucky to work with someone like Jon.

We have a very excitable Golden Retriever, almost two years old. We had tried countless dog classes at big-box schools. We spent lots of money and and lots of time attempting the techniques and the methods they showed us.  Now we realize how flawed those techniques actually were. One example: those classes failed at truly getting our dog to understand loose-leash walking. Our retriever would yank and pull us. Taking her  anywhere was difficult. We were advised by different trainers to try anti-pulling devices such as the EZ-walk harness, other no-pull harnesses, etc. At first, those devices mitigated the problem slightly, but over time they made the problem worse by teaching our dog to pull harder if it wanted to go somewhere.

Jon was the first trainer to inform us that no special harness will magically make your dog walk by your side, and then showed us how to work with our dog the correct way. His methods are both very gentle and sound. For the first time ever, our puppy was enjoying how to walk on a leash without pulling, and the results appeared very quickly. She now enjoys her walks with us, and we can take her anywhere. Wherever we go, people consistently compliment us on how happy and behaved Sasha is, and how they wish their dog would not pull them around. In fact, most of the time we don't even use a leash anymore, and still she never leaves our side.

Jon has helped Sasha earn her Canine Good Citizen award, she also became a certified Therapy Dog; she loves doing service work for the community.

All of this would never have been possible without Jon Bourque's mentoring and guidance." - Don D.

"Jon is a fantastic trainer. As a personal friend who has watched his dogs as well as dogs he has trained, I feel completely comfortable recommending him to clients who have behavioral concerns. I have watched as clients progressed and, with his aid, turn their pets into completely different well-mannered dogs.


From simple obedience training to more difficult cases, the success Jon has with the dogs is incredible. He treats each dog as an individual with compassion and a gentle hand. I could not think of anyone I could recommend higher." - Christine A.

"Jon is an amazing dog trainer, has an uncanny ability to read the dogs behavior and counter with simple and effective corrections. Whether you're a novice only in need of instruction to manage your pet dog better, or are in need of someone to help you with your obedience competition dog, Jon is the man to talk to."

-Michael M.

"Excellent trainer who explains well and patiently to befuddled humans in correctly working with their dogs, transforming them from wild cuckoos into pleasantly happy and content dogs." - Laura B.

"Jon is the real deal. He gets results...and the dogs still love him!" -Jon H.

"Jon is a genuine, down to earth teacher. He helps keep a positive environment and truly cares about his students. He is very well versed in tools and methods specific to each being, I am grateful to have worked with him and listen to his wealth of knowledge!" -Alicia P.

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