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Swagger Dog Training is now offering kenneling on our 10 Acres in Tijeras.

We are open to all breeds of dogs.

Safety is our top priority and all kennels are built to be secure & escape proof.  

We have two separate kennel rooms & are able to take: Aggressive Dogs, Intact Dogs (Including Females in Heat), Shy/Nervous Dogs, & Puppies.

Some info about our Kennels:

  • 4'x12' Total

  • Solid Panels between kennels

  • Radiant in Floor Heating

  • "Hands off" capable - we never need to handle/touch your dog if you request (aggressive dogs)

  • Outside Access

  • Covered Tops - to prevent escape

  • Dig Proof

  • Locked for Security

  • Includes a Cot to sleep on


12 Hour Rate

24 Hour Rate

Holiday Rate

Extended Stay

(Multi Dog Chart)

  • Leash Walk on Property (no Aggressive Dogs)

  • Play Time in Training Room (no Aggressive Dogs)

  • Bedtime Story (yeah, we do that)

Police K9

We offer discounted rates for Active Duty K9

Please have your department call for info



Basic Bath


Our Short Stroll is ideal if you're looking to give your dog some light exercise along with a potty break.  These normally begin at 30 minutes and include light training as well.

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