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Many people wonder, "Do I really need professional dog training?"  After all, can't you just look online for articles and videos to tell how you to train your dog yourself? 


Sure you can. 


The problem is, there's so much misleading, conflicting and utterly wrong information out there that it's nearly impossible to know what will work, who to trust, or whether it will actually do your dog any good.


At Swagger, we know what we're doing.  We know how to gain your dog's trust, how to interpret what they're communicating, and above all, how to teach them to recognize what you want from them. 


Remember:  it genuinely makes your dog happy to please you! 


Let us show you and your dog the benefits of our knowledge and experience.  We're happy to offer a free consultation so we can meet you both and talk about the best option for your pooch's needs. 


That's right... free!  We insist! 

Free Consult
Private Lesson

All new clients must book a free consultation.

This consists of a meeting (we'll come to you!) so we can meet your dog firsthand and discuss your goals.

Private lessons are normally booked once a week for an hour.  We go over training techniques, learn new commands, and address any behavioral issues.

Board & Train

Our Board & Train program is a great option for clients looking for fast results and/or who may not have time for taking part in foundation training.  B&T runs 1-3 weeks, depending on your goals and the ability of your dog.

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